Many times your pet’s instincts to protect themselves keeps them from showing their illnesses and injuries, even when you know there is something wrong your pet can’t tell us where it hurts. The diagnostic tools described below will help us get the answers we need to provide our patients with the treatment they need.

Laboratory Testing

Our in house laboratory contains some of the most advanced equipment in use by veterinarians today. We provide a variety of diagnostic procedures including blood analysis, blood chemistries, fecal analysis, urinalysis, heartworm analysis and bacteria cultures. Most laboratory tests can be performed during your visit for quick results while specialized tests requiring more detailed analysis are sent to a local lab with results typically received the very next day.


Radiographs are an essential diagnostic tool to help evaluate and solve orthopedic and internal medicine cases. Our Computed Radiography (CR) machine provides images with excellent detail and quality which can be digitally enhanced and modified for accurate analysis and precise measurements. This also reduces the need for multiple images providing better safety for our patients and staff.