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Pet Wellness Plans

Your customized PET WELLNESS PLAN helps pay for the essentials:

  • Vaccinations – Guard your pet against disease and infections
  • Health Wellness Checks – Professional advice on your pet’s ears, eyes, skin, teeth, diet and general health care
  • Flea/Tick and Heartworm Preventatives – Keep parasites and disease away with regular treatments

With vaccinations, regular health checks, flea and heartworm preventatives all planned throughout the year and managed with low monthly payments, it’s the simplest way to provide the level of health care your vet recommends

In addition to the wellness services being apart of our wellness plan you will receive 10% off of additional services including additional exams, medications and services. The only exclusions to this are food, boarding and grooming. 

Pre-Wellness Forms

These are required forms to fill out before choosing a wellness plan.

Feline Wellness Plans